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Preventative maintenance

We offer the following preventative maintenance services for your electrical system, which can be safely performed while it is energized:

  • 24/7 emergency service

  • Energized and de-energized testing

  • Comprehensive electrical systems analysis reporting

  • True RMS voltage and current measurement

  • Voltage drop service

  • Infrared thermographic imaging

  • Voltage and current harmonics analysis

  • Visual and mechanical inspections

  • Full report

Our proactive tasks include:

  • Checking equipment nameplate specifications

  • Inspecting electrical and mechanical conditions

  • Checking tightness connections and terminations

  • Installing electrical equipment to local code

  • Exercising electrical components (if applicable)

  • Checking mechanical indicators for correct operation

  • Cleaning interior and exterior electrical equipment

  • Lubrication as appropriate

  • Minor repairs, such as replacing missing knockouts

  • Analyzing test results and trends

  • Full report

We hold COR certificate #39112-10, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive preventative maintenance services to keep your electrical system running efficiently.

Everything You Need

G&K Electric provides 24/7 support for the Winnipeg capital area.  All work is performed or supervised by one of our Certified Journeymen Electricians to ensure clean, quality work; leaving you with peace of mind.

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