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From start to finish, we are here for you!

Our Services

At G&K Electric Inc, we pride ourselves on step by step reliability for our customers.  Our team of experts is here for you from quotation to installation, ensuring you recieve the best possible solution for your needs and the best possible service.


For Industrial facilities, electricity can represent a significant cost.  G&K is here to help you optimize your electrical system and provide a safe working environment for your employees.



At G&K we understand that a delay or interruption in electrical services can directly effect the productivity and revenue of your business.  We are here 24/7 to get you up and running, and to provide the most efficient options to optimize your electrical system.



Whether you are looking to upgrade your space, create a more efficient system, or ensure the safety of your electrical hardware, we have the expertise to help you make the best decision for your home.


Preventative maintenance

Our experienced team offers comprehensive preventative maintenance services for your electrical systems. We perform tasks safely while the system is energized, including testing, analysis reporting, and voltage measurement. We hold a COR certificate and are committed to ensuring peak performance for your electrical systems.


Everything You Need

G&K Electric provides 24/7 support for the Winnipeg area.  All work is performed or supervised by one of our Certified Journeymen Electricians to ensure clean, quality work; leaving you with peace of mind.

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